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Children's Day Gift

Children's Day Gift

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The perfect solution for natural skin care and energy care for children.

This gift is formulated with organic ingredients rich in antioxidants to provide optimal skin protection, take care of any damage and protect your energy with our flower therapy formula.

Sunscreen Spf40 - 56.7g

SPF40 Clinically Approved. Sunscreen with organic ingredients. Chemical free, paraben free. It is not resistant to water.

Calendula Cream - 56.7g

Auxiliary in the treatment of chafing, cuts, irritations and first degree burns on the skin. Disinfects, reduces inflammation and regenerates tissue. It can be used directly on wounds to help heal.

Smile Essence - 50 ml

Auxiliary in child stress treatment. Increases the ability to stay protected from adult situations that can generate anguish and anxiety. Provides well-being, calm, security, enthusiasm and joy

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