Cosmética con Terapia Floral

Cosmetics with Floral Therapy

Bach, Bush, and California flower remedies are generally taken by mouth, but can also be applied to the skin.

The use of Bach, Bush and California flowers in cosmetics allows us not only to address a physical issue on the skin, but to address deeper symptoms related to emotions and the mind.

At Botica Floral we not only take care of your physique but also your emotions.

Unresolved emotional conflicts affect your body through unconscious tensions that alter the nervous system, blood circulation, and the tone of all the muscles in the body. These emotional tensions and mental pictures can be seen reflected in your skin producing lines of expression. They can also unbalance skin metabolism, causing alterations such as premature aging, wrinkles, "irritable" skin, hair loss, eczema, acne, and dermatitis that worsens with stress.

Unlike remedies based solely on plants, which act therapeutically on the physiology of the body's organs, remedies with flower essences balance the emotions that cause these symptoms.

At Botica Floral, each treatment contains a specific flower formula tested by specialist flower therapists aimed not only at treating a physical condition, but also at treating the underlying emotional conditions.

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By changing from a negative emotional state to a positive one, your overall physical health will improve and your skin will reflect this change.

Adding flower essences to cosmetics helps eliminate symptoms that affect hair and skin, creating an internal balance that improves your physical and emotional health.

The main advantage of our cosmetics is that they can be adapted to your particular symptoms by selecting, on the one hand, the most suitable flowers for the emotions and feelings to be balanced. You can also add the cosmetic assets that your skin or hair type needs.

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