Our Identity


" People need two kinds of beauty, one inside and one outside."

Elizabeth Sigmund

At Botica Floral we make tools available to everyone to improve physical, vital, emotional and mental health in a natural and comprehensive way through the use of 100% natural products made with different floral therapies and medicinal plants from biodynamic crops and controlled biologicals. We base our production processes on the principles of Anthroposophical Cosmetics and we make each cosmetic with a flower formula that attends to the vital part of the human being's organism.

We want our cosmetics to caress more than just your skin. Our goal is to pamper your senses and make you feel good about yourself.

We focus on taking care of not only your body, but we also take care of the emotional root of any symptom that is also reflected in your being.

We not only seek to attend to any physical need that your skin has, but behind each situation in your skin there may be an emotion or belief which we also seek to attend to.

"Biodynamic crops contribute more to the soil than what we collect."

Our priority is to source our formulas from the high quality of natural raw materials and the degree of care with which they have been grown and processed.

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In this way we seek to contribute to being part of a social transformation and support Mexican farmers in the transformation of their crops.

It is a guarantee that all our products are natural to the maximum. Whenever possible! We always seek to include ingredients that come from biodynamic crops or controlled biological crops, as long as they are available. If a raw material is not available with these qualities, then we undertake the task of starting biodynamic and biological agriculture projects to obtain it. You can be sure that our products do not contain any type of aroma, coloring or chemical-synthetic preservative and are also free of mineral oils, silicones and PEGs.

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Our bio-cosmetics not only help the skin to recover its strength, but also help it to recover its balance.

Our products acquire their exclusive quality, which stimulates the activity of your skin, through the interaction of its ingredients that have been elaborated with natural rhythmic procedures (receiving light and darkness, movement and rest, heat and cold) and contemplating all the elements ( air, water, earth and fire in their balance) thus allowing the skin to be able to nourish itself and renew itself with its own vital forces.

We elaborate each of our formulas with rhythm and truth. And we are committed to carefully following Anthroposophical cosmetic preparation techniques that not only maintain the right temperatures and materials to preserve the healing and therapeutic properties of plants and flowers, but are also guided by specific rhythmic processes. Additionally, each of our flower-specific formulas is tested by certified flower therapists addressing the emotions behind the symptom.

We are committed to contemplating an organic vision of the human being and of our social initiative.

We seek to attend with absolute commitment to the human being and to the initiative, taking into account the principles of four-membership contemplated in Anthroposophy. (Body and resources, life force and processes, emotions and relationships, self and identity).

Our products are aimed at all audiences.

We are committed to the development of formulas with the highest quality ingredients and with floral formulas that allow us to bring to everyone a reliable and safe product that can be used by newborns, children, adolescents, mothers, fathers and the elderly, adolescents at any kind of process both physical and emotional .

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To become an initiative that safely and reliably promotes and fosters community work for the integration of cosmetics with Floral Therapy and Anthroposophical cosmetics.

Develop a Mexican social initiative, which supports the work of Mexican women who work in community at the service of humanity. Promoting that resources circulate adequately between consumption, the economy and donation.

Generate a market that promotes and protects the integrity of all members of our community (consumer, producers, farmers, suppliers, organization), both physical and emotional, bringing products of the highest quality, with anthroposophical foundations, at fair prices and conditions. in the market, that meet not only the physical needs but also the emotional ones of all the members.

Contribute to a transformation of our own vision as a human being, bringing to society a line of cosmetics that can support human beings to recover their dignity and see themselves as an integral being in balance with their mind, body, their emotions and their identity.

Being part of a community based on trust, where each of our members is taken into account with love and respect. Where each one puts their gifts at the service of the world, based on their own freedom and service to humanity.

Ensure our commitment and support for Mexican biodynamic and biological agriculture where respect for living beings in all their representations and the natural rhythm of nature is valued and taken into account in each process.

We reuse, care and transform

Become an initiative with zero ecological impacts .

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We care for the land, water and air in which we all live.

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"Let us work together in truth, beauty and goodness."

We respect all living beings on the planet and we work in connection with the earth and the cosmos.

The truth leads us to be creative, authentic, transparent, coherent and truthful in all the work that is carried out both on the side of the initiative, as well as towards the consumer, distributors and all of us who are part of our community.

Beauty invites us to work in harmony and balance with the human being, with the environment and with the earth. We look for the beauty of each plant, each flower, each ingredient, each member of this initiative to create a sustainable space together.

Kindness prompts us to live ourselves and give ourselves in support of all of us who are part of this community. With courage, respect and the courage to be free. Seeking generosity in each of our acts, bringing our gifts to the service of humanity.


Plants collected from biodynamic crops are harvested at specific times following the biodynamic calendar. We crush these recently collected plants and let them rest for 21 days, mixing some in water and some in specific vegetable oils, and we let light and darkness, heat and cold, rest and movement act on them. Then we press and filter the mixture and in some cases we add a small amount of organic waste in the form of ash that has resulted from the carbonization process. (That is why you can find small residues of these ashes in our products). At this point, the extract contains all the strength and active principles of silver. And it can be kept for a long time.

Using rhythmic production procedures, oily extracts and floral formulations for our cosmetics are also produced. In this process, the oily extracts receive a special heat boost. The marigold buds as part of the dried plants are introduced into the oil at 37 ° (the temperature of the human body). The preparation of the extracts is very different: To obtain the fresh extract, the entire plant is squeezed. This is what determines its particular effectiveness and its richness in active ingredients.

Depending on the formula, we mix extracts, essences, floral tinctures of medicinal plants with waxes and precious organic oils, thus obtaining finished products. Out of conviction, we dispense with the use of chemical-synthetic dyes, aromas and preservatives. All the ingredients that each cosmetic contains are published on our page so that you can know the composition of your favorite product.

All our utensils are made of surgical stainless steel for heat processes.

For rhythmic mixing processes we use natural wood without waxes. And we combine both manual labor with technological precision and natural rhythms.

We maintain all our production spaces with current hygiene standards. In the same way, each space is harmonized and balanced to carry out production on specific days and times following the specifications according to the concepts of the anthroposophical pharmacy.

That is why it is possible that the product you choose is not immediately available and you must wait a few days. If this is the case, you will always receive a notification by mail indicating the days of delay of your shipment. All these cycles must be fulfilled in order to have all the active principles and vital forces of the plant.