Ritmos y Rituales

Rhythms and Rituals

The rhythm in the cycles of our life and our skin

"Study the rhythms of nature, because the rhythm is a carrier of life." Dr Hauschka

Taking advantage of the force of natural polarity, the rhythmic alternation of light and darkness, of cold and heat, of movement and rest. Currently we continue to make our macerates, floral formulas and base preparations following this basic rhythmic procedure.

Rhythmically we prepare our mixtures and integrate our preparations, for example, for the elaboration of our floral formulas for each cream. The integration of the flowers in the preparations is also done with a rhythmic process. The rhythms of the seasons, of the lunar cycles, and the daily rhythm also mark the work and production calendar in our laboratory.

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We take into account the rhythms in each process, we share a few with you:

  • Collection of plants according to the biodynamic calendar in Mexico (plants from biodynamic crops)
  • Plant macerates following the monthly rhythm, the daily rhythm between light and darkness, and between cold and heat.
  • Elaboration and dynamization of floral formulas with rhythmic movements.
  • I work in the laboratory following the rhythms of the lunar cycle and the daily rhythm following the specific production schedules.

All our formulas are made following rhythmic processes, so it is important to consider it, since sometimes your product is not ready immediately after your purchase. This may be because it has not yet complied with the rhythmic process indicated and required according to our production processes.

Rhythm as a means of communication:

Rhythm is not an end in itself. Rhythm is a way to get in touch with one's own body .

Like all living organisms, the body knows and lives different rhythms.

Rhythms on your skin:

The skin itself lives in a transformation process experiencing different rhythmic processes.

Your skin is renewed every 28 days. And it behaves differently in the morning than at night, when it regenerates. It also behaves differently depending on the weather, cold or hot, the season of the year in which you are living. The skin also regenerates each change of season and prepares to receive the next one. And finely it also transforms over the years according to your chronological age.
These are the rhythms with which we harmonize our cosmetics: the regular application of our products favors the regeneration rate of your skin.

Your skin is activated and stabilized .

During the day, nourishing and moisturizing treatment products act on your skin, at night we recommend applying a treatment without so much oil, so as not to alter the skin's metabolic processes. And we highly recommend a regenerative treatment. These regenerative forces will be activated through rest and sleep. And the passage from darkness to light.

During the seasons, products act differently on your skin, for example, in winter your skin needs more hydration and moisture than in summer. It is important to be aware of these changes, in order to clearly choose which product is the right one for each moment. The cream that can serve you in winter is not necessarily the one indicated for summer or spring. That is why at Botica Floral we do not classify the different skin types (eg dry, mixed or oily) but we consider the skin conditions that may vary, click on Balance in your Beauty , to see the information on "skin conditions" "skin" and determine your skin type according to your changes, according to the day, the place where you live, the different seasons of the year and the different phases of life.

Through your skin you can activate rhythms, cycles and a balance at deeper levels. Harmonizing and regenerating impulses can be transmitted to your body, which go from the roots of the hair to the feet and give you the pleasure of vital harmony.

Taking advantage of the rhythms, we activate the intrinsic forces of your skin .

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