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Creativity Essence

Creativity Essence

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Increases creative, sensitive and artistic capacity.

Very useful in moments of mental block.

breeze 50ml

Ingredients: Prepared by hand with pure essential oils from organic cultivation,

patchulli, tangerine, orange and lime. Bach , California, Golden, Gem and Bush flowers. Hydrolyzed alcohol and spring water.

Instructions for use: Shake well before use, keep away from electrical appliances at temperatures not exceeding 25 °C, and do not expose directly to sunlight. In rooms, spray in corners and later in the center. In people, spray around the arms, shoulders, neck and neck.


Precautions: Do not apply on the face or in the eye area, it contains alcohol. In the event of irritation, redness or discomfort, discontinue use immediately. Do not leave it within reach of children.

Flower therapy does not interfere with the use of remedies or medications of any kind, it does not generate addiction, nor does it produce side effects.

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