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Organic Micellar Water

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Micellar water for deep cleaning and natural hydration. Natural make-up remover.


How to Use: Shake before use. Spray on the face and clean with cotton and then rinse. Daily use. Day and night.


Colloidal Copper:

It brings health to the skin, stimulating the follicles, reducing wrinkles and regenerating the skin. It gives elasticity to tissues thanks to its enzyme lysyl oxidase, which acts together with collagen and elastin (protein) in connective tissue.

Water of roses:

Auxiliary in unifying the skin tone, reducing skin spots. A great natural toner that removes impurities and leaves skin soft and hydrated. Helps firm the skin, speeds up the healing process and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Lavender Essential Oil:

It is a great antioxidant, effectively regenerating skin cells. Helps with treatments to combat acne, dehydrated, damaged skin and sensitive skin. In addition, it stands out for its anti-inflammatory effects, helps soothe irritated skin, and helps eliminate bacteria.

It has a property similar to astringent but mild, due to the volatile substances present in this oil and this property helps to get rid of clogged pores which most of the time are the main culprit behind acne breakout.

Flower Therapy:

Bach Flower: Crab apple

It is the flower of purification. It is indicated for those who want to get rid of something in particular. It is considered the purifying remedy for mind and body, especially indicated for those people who have a poor image of themselves.

Dawn Flower: Lys

It is a master plant within the system, that is to say, due to its high vibrational quality, it enhances or activates the power of others. It is an essence committed to the transmutation of any process, be it physical, emotional or spiritual.

California Flower: Mallow

It gives us confidence and openness.

It helps us to pay more attention to our feelings and to show them. This flower helps you flow with life, learn to give and receive, remove any barrier between you and the world.

Made with: Rosa centifolia rose water , Hamamelis virginiana witch hazel water , Colloidal Copper, Simmondsia chinensis Organic Jojoba Oil , Lavender Lavandula angustifolia Essential Oil and organic Melaleuca alternifolia Tea Tree , Vitamin E, Bach, Bush and California flowers.

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