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Eye Contour Serum with Bio Hyaluronic Acid + Calendula

Eye Contour Serum with Bio Hyaluronic Acid + Calendula

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Auxiliary in the moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, stimulating and regenerative treatment for the eye contour. Eliminates puffiness in eye bags, reduces expression lines and improves blood circulation in the area of application.


How to use:

Shake before using. Apply roll on around the eyes, avoiding direct contact with them. Daily use. Day and night use.


  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid:
It keeps the skin protected, hydrated and constantly renewed, helps delay the effect of aging, is able to counteract wrinkled and flaccid skin by replacing the volume of lost fluid. Deeply hydrates for long periods of time, leaving skin softer and more radiant.
Restructures and maintains skin firmness by stimulating the generation of collagen in the skin.

  • Calendula essential oil:
Natural skin regenerator. It soothes and treats wounds, scars, minor burns, irritations, dry skin problems or acne. It is a great antibacterial, antibiotic and natural antiseptic, which comforts the skin, protects it from possible infections and fungi. It is a great relaxant for cramps and tension.

  • Basil essential oil:

Refreshing for congested skin. It is a great anti-inflammatory for the eyelids and detoxification of the organism. Rejuvenates the skin by eliminating free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Flower Therapy:

  • The Bach Flower Chicory:

Helps to let go on an emotional and mental level. It is used as flower therapy for people who are too critical, overprotective, controlling. It helps you flow, let go and trust.

  • The Bach Flower Willow Willow:

This flower helps you to forgive, to release. Willow is the Bach flower for anger and bitterness. It is especially indicated for resentful people, who hold resentment and who cannot forgive.

  • The Bach Mimulus Flower:

Help in processes of strong changes in life, help to flow without resistance and with more clarity at the beginning of this stage. It helps us face the fear of living this new unknown phase. To face without fear any situation of change in your life. It gives you security in your existence and on your path.

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