Sistemas ¿Qué es la Herbolaria?

Systems, What is Herbalism?


Basically, herbal medicine is the use of plants to prevent or treat various diseases. This practice is ancient, ancestral, remote, quite possibly to prehistoric times. In most of the oldest civilizations, such as the Chinese, the Egyptian, the Persian and the Greek, classifications were made of the herbal remedies that formed an important part of the medicine of the time.

Maceration is a solid-liquid extraction process. The solid product (raw material - the plant) has a series of soluble compounds in the extractant liquid, which are the ones that are intended to be extracted. In general, in the chemical industry we usually talk about extractions, while when it comes to food, herbs and other products for human consumption, the term maceration is used. In many cases the extracting agent (the liquid phase) is usually in alcohol or oil.

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