Sistemas ¿Qué son las Esencias Aureas?

Systems, What are the Golden Essences?

Golden Essences

The Flowers of the Alba of Esencias Florales del Mediterráneo are the ones used in the Botica Floral Sprays.

“The special thing about this System derives from the elaboration and processing protocols that give them a greater capacity for energy penetration. The Flowers of the Dawn have two origins: one conventional floral (harmonic frequencies in electromagnetic language) and another called Aureus (harmonic packets of geometric code).”

“The Flowers of the Dawn have an extraordinary direct, effective and multiple action within what is considered conventional therapeutics and allow a very wide use with only 11 elements. They act on a psycho-emotional level, on a physical level and on a bioenergetic level.

Like all flower essences, they enjoy the same "benefits" of lack of physiological effects. Likewise, they do not replace any conventional medical therapy, but, in any case, they can complement it.”

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