Sistemas ¿Qué son las Flores de Bach?

Systems, What are Bach Flowers?

Bach flowers

by Healing Herbs

The Bach Flowers are 38 Natural Essences extracted from Flowers, whose healing properties were first discovered by the English medical researcher Edward Bach (1886-1936). Each of them with a specific indication to treat a different emotional state and/or sense.

Non-pharmacological, semi-homeopathic artisan preparations, made from a decoction or maceration in water of ripe flowers of various wild or naturalized plant species from the region of Wales and ancient England, diluted in brandy (wine distillate, used as a medium preservative).

Dr. Bach's healing method is based on the fact that disease is not only the result of bodily disorders, but also has its origin in negative feelings and attitudes that block our vital energy.

Bach flower remedies are not only suitable for harmoniously treating diseases of all kinds, balancing emotions —sometimes in addition to medical treatment— but also for taking care of one's health and leading a healthy life, since they stabilize and eliminate weak points of psychic.

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