Sistemas ¿Qué son las Flores de Bush?

Systems, What are Bush Flowers?

bush flowers


Bush Flowers Flower Therapy comes from Australian bushes, created by Dr. and researcher Ian White. This is a different system from the traditional ones, since it presents specific characteristics. It was created from the native Australian Flora as a unicist method, that is, to be used each floral essence individually, without combining with others. Currently it has been verified that up to 4 or 5 essences can be used, as long as they are related to their actions. The way of preparation, as well as the dosage, also differ from the other floral systems.

The botanical varieties of the Australian continent are the oldest on the planet and have evolved in a very particular way due to the long isolation from the rest of the continents, the variety of climates (temperate, desert, marine, humid, mountain), the high energy strength of the region, and other factors. All this means that the essences prepared in this area have and transmit an energetic vibration and a singular force, which is reflected in a highly effective action, not only on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, but also the effects on the body become more noticeable. body in general.

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