Sistemas ¿Qué son las Flores de California?

Systems, What are California Flowers?

california flowers


The first flower essences were obtained in 1978 by Richard Katz and his wife Patricia Kaminsky.

They consist of 103 remedies. All remedies are obtained by the solar method.

California Flower Remedies have been developed since the 1970s by the Flower Essence Society and are fully compatible with Bach Flower Remedies. California Flower Remedies can enhance the positive effects of Bach Flower Remedies or work on their own to improve common problems that often arise. There are 72 basic essences and primary applications that they offer, although new essences can be added if they pass a rigorous filter.

California flowers come from the hills of northern California where the person connects body and soul, and its principles are based on various disciplines such as aromatherapy, meditation, phytotherapy, etc.

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