Sistemas ¿Qué son las Gemas?

Systems, What are Gems?


All living beings on the planet emanate a luminous wing called the Aura, from which the seven colors of the Rainbow emerge. An Aura in balance has the seven colors of the Rainbow in the same proportions.

"The Gems are mines of inexhaustible cosmic color. Thanks to Dr. Bhattacharya who discovered this type of healing and process, today the vibration of the gems is taken without destroying them and making them accessible to all.

Through a special method of preparation. The Golden Earth Gems are cleaned in seawater, then they capture the vibration of dawn, since it is a moment of power in which light overcomes darkness.

They are mantralized and then rest in silence for nine days releasing their unique and special vibrations.

All this process is carried out with a deep love and respect for all expressions of life and in full harmony with nature.

Reason for which they reach a special level of vibration.”

This Mother Tincture is where the bottles that go on sale are obtained directly. In Floral Apothecary We use them without being diluted at any time directly from the Mother Tincture.

Gem Therapy is a therapy that uses gems to improve health and balance through color.

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