Sistemas ¿Qué son los Aceites Esenciales?

Systems, What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils

They are the main aromatic products that exist in various parts of plants. Because they evaporate on exposure to air at room temperature, they are called: volatile oils, ethereal oils, essential oils, or essences.

They are odoriferous products obtained from natural raw materials by distillation, usually with water or steam, as in the case of citrus fruits, through a mechanical process.

They are flammable, they are not toxic, although they can cause allergies in people sensitive to certain terpenoids (Cadby et al., 2002). They are innocuous, as long as the dose supplied does not exceed the limits of toxicity. They undergo chemical degradation in the presence of sunlight, air, heat, and acids.

Therefore, Essential Oils cannot be used without an adequate prescription in specific doses and situations. Its use in pregnant women should be careful.

At Botica Floral we use Essential Oils from Rancho San Martin, Puebla, where they carry out a distillation process highly committed to caring for the environment and the natural process of plants and citrus, respecting their natural life process.

We also use some Essential Oils from Young Living and Primavera Life, companies certified in quality and committed to caring for nature.

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