Bach flowers

by Healing Herbs

The Bach Flowers are 38 Natural Essences extracted from Flowers, whose healing properties were first discovered by the English medical researcher Edward Bach (1886-1936). Each of them with a specific indication to treat a different emotional state and/or sense.

Non-pharmacological, semi-homeopathic artisan preparations, made from a decoction or maceration in water of ripe flowers of various wild or naturalized plant species from the region of Wales and ancient England, diluted in brandy (wine distillate, used as a medium preservative).

Dr. Bach's healing method is based on the fact that disease is not only the result of bodily disorders, but also has its origin in negative feelings and attitudes that block our vital energy.

Bach flower remedies are not only suitable for harmoniously treating diseases of all kinds, balancing emotions —sometimes in addition to medical treatment— but also for taking care of one's health and leading a healthy life, since they stabilize and eliminate weak points of psychic.

bush flowers


Bush Flowers Flower Therapy comes from Australian bushes, created by Dr. and researcher Ian White. This is a different system from the traditional ones, since it presents specific characteristics. It was created from the native Australian Flora as a unicist method, that is, to be used each floral essence individually, without combining with others. Currently it has been verified that up to 4 or 5 essences can be used, as long as they are related to their actions. The way of preparation, as well as the dosage, also differ from the other floral systems.

The botanical varieties of the Australian continent are the oldest on the planet and have evolved in a very particular way due to the long isolation from the rest of the continents, the variety of climates (temperate, desert, marine, humid, mountain), the high energy strength of the region, and other factors. All this means that the essences prepared in this area have and transmit an energetic vibration and a singular force, which is reflected in a highly effective action, not only on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, but also the effects on the body become more noticeable. body in general.

california flowers


The first flower essences were obtained in 1978 by Richard Katz and his wife Patricia Kaminsky.

They consist of 103 remedies. All remedies are obtained by the solar method.

California Flower Remedies have been developed since the 1970s by the Flower Essence Society and are fully compatible with Bach Flower Remedies. California Flower Remedies can enhance the positive effects of Bach Flower Remedies or work on their own to improve common problems that often arise. There are 72 basic essences and primary applications that they offer, although new essences can be added if they pass a rigorous filter.

California flowers come from the hills of northern California where the person connects body and soul, and its principles are based on various disciplines such as aromatherapy, meditation, phytotherapy, etc.


All living beings on the planet emanate a luminous wing called the Aura, from which the seven colors of the Rainbow emerge. An Aura in balance has the seven colors of the Rainbow in the same proportions.

"The Gems are mines of inexhaustible cosmic color. Thanks to Dr. Bhattacharya who discovered this type of healing and process, today the vibration of the gems is taken without destroying them and making them accessible to all.

Through a special method of preparation. The Golden Earth Gems are cleaned in seawater, then they capture the vibration of dawn, since it is a moment of power in which light overcomes darkness.

They are mantralized and then rest in silence for nine days releasing their unique and special vibrations.

All this process is carried out with a deep love and respect for all expressions of life and in full harmony with nature.

Reason for which they reach a special level of vibration.”

This Mother Tincture is where the bottles that go on sale are obtained directly. At Botica Floral we use them without being diluted at any time directly from the Mother Tincture.

Gem Therapy is a therapy that uses gems to improve health and balance through color.

golden essences

The Flowers of the Alba of Esencias Florales del Mediterráneo are the ones used in the Botica Floral Sprays.

“The special thing about this System derives from the elaboration and processing protocols that give them a greater capacity for energy penetration. The Flowers of the Dawn have two origins: one conventional floral (harmonic frequencies in electromagnetic language) and another called Aureus (harmonic packets of geometric code).”

“The Flowers of the Dawn have an extraordinary direct, effective and multiple action within what is considered conventional therapeutics and allow a very wide use with only 11 elements. They act on a psycho-emotional level, on a physical level and on a bioenergetic level.

Like all flower essences, they enjoy the same "benefits" of lack of physiological effects. Likewise, they do not replace any conventional medical therapy, but, in any case, they can complement it.”

Essential oils

They are the main aromatic products that exist in various parts of plants. Because they evaporate on exposure to air at room temperature, they are called: volatile oils, ethereal oils, essential oils, or essences.

They are odoriferous products obtained from natural raw materials by distillation, usually with water or steam, as in the case of citrus fruits, through a mechanical process.

They are flammable, they are not toxic, although they can cause allergies in people sensitive to certain terpenoids (Cadby et al., 2002). They are innocuous, as long as the dose supplied does not exceed the limits of toxicity. They undergo chemical degradation in the presence of sunlight, air, heat, and acids.

Therefore, Essential Oils cannot be used without an adequate prescription in specific doses and situations. Its use in pregnant women should be careful.

At Botica Floral we use Essential Oils from Rancho San Martin, Puebla, where they carry out a distillation process highly committed to caring for the environment and the natural process of plants and citrus, respecting their natural life process.

We also use some Essential Oils from Young Living and Primavera Life, companies certified in quality and committed to caring for nature.


Basically, herbal medicine is the use of plants to prevent or treat various diseases. This practice is ancient, ancestral, remote, quite possibly to prehistoric times. In most of the oldest civilizations, such as the Chinese, the Egyptian, the Persian and the Greek, classifications were made of the herbal remedies that formed an important part of the medicine of the time.

Maceration is a solid-liquid extraction process. The solid product (raw material – the plant) has a series of soluble compounds in the extractant liquid, which are the ones that are intended to be extracted. In general, in the chemical industry, extractions are used, while when it comes to food, herbs and other products for human consumption, the term maceration is used. In many cases the extracting agent (the liquid phase) is usually in alcohol or oil.

At Botica Floral we use Organic Olive Oil for our herbal and medicinal plant macerates that comes from olive crops cared for with fertilizers and pesticides from Hidalgo, Los Olivos. Maintaining ancestral preparation methods, conserving and taking care of the adequate temperatures to preserve the therapeutic degrees of the plants. The plants we use come from selected organic gardens.